An artist’s work evokes images of the Greek landscape as inspired by the light of summer

The stillness of the bare Greek landscape under the strong summer sun is one of the first impressions put across by the paintings of Alexandros Papadopoulos, on view in «Flashes,» his solo exhibition at the Technopolis arts complex. In color combinations mainly of sand and light blue, most of the paintings are minimal landscapes that evoke something of the stillness and mystery of Giorgio de Chirico’s work. In several paintings, Papadopoulos has attached motifs made of copper or wood to the painting’s surface, thus adding a three-dimensional quality and highlighting texture. One recurring motif is the wooden rectangular shapes that are used as a metaphor for mirrors. They also operate as a frame within a frame and play with the notions of both illusion and scale. As a civil engineer who works with interior architecture, Papadopoulos is interested in shape and proportion, something that clearly shows in his paintings. Also included are sculptures made out of objects he has found. The shape of a pigeon on a circular stone slab is made using a piece of wood topped by a pebble. Spread comfortably over spacious exhibition space at the Technopolis complex, the works have a relaxing effect, a decorative quality and a rather pensive, introspective mood. At the Technopolis arts complex (100 Pireos, tel 210.346.1589) to September 20.