Music and hope for Marathon

Not even a month since the disastrous wildfires that ravaged northeastern Attica, a live concert taking place tonight will be sending out signs of life and hope. The event is organized by the people behind the Fragma («Dam») cafe-bar, situated on the edge of Lake Marathon. The venue was spared at the last minute, thanks to the superhuman efforts of firefighters and staff members – thankfully the surrounding area, whose view one can enjoy from the cafe-bar, was also spared. Tonight’s exceptional evening at Fragma (concert starts at 9 p.m. and the 15-euro admission includes a drink) features pianist/composer Vassilis Tsabropoulos. The artist is one of just a few Greeks to enjoy recognition on the international arena of classical music, jazz and improvisation – six out of his eight albums have been released by the respected ECM label. Tsabropoulos will interpret compositions from his most recent album, «The Promise,» works reflecting the development of his music since 2000. Besides being a small celebration for the salvation of the lake’s western shore, tonight’s event is also a tribute to those who fought hard to keep a piece of this glorious landscape untouched and alive. While the disaster has brought together citizens and volunteer groups, all eager to help with reforestation proposals, forest rangers insist that there should not be any kind of intervention for the next two years, as there is hope that the forest will spring anew from the ashes. Water from the recent storms has been absorbed and there is hope that promising signs could be visible within the next few months. Tsabropoulos’s tunes will no doubt make their own contribution.