Exhibition and tribute at the Benaki to the continuing work of architect Dimitris Fatouros

An exhibition presenting the architectural work of Dimitris Fatouros will go on display at the Benaki Museum’s Pireos Street annex tomorrow. Curated by Lois Papadopoulos and Sofia Tsitiridou, the exhibition will shed light on Fatouros’s architectural career by providing information about how his work developed over the decades. As Fatouros is still active today as both an architect and academic, the display will also include the two books he published in 2008, as well as two architectural studies that are still in production. The display will focus on Fatouros’s architectural creations, specifically on the role his work has played in the shaping of postwar Greek modernism. The exhibition is accompanied by his books and texts, which show the influence of his work on more contemporary architecture, both in Greece and internationally. His writings also elaborate on architecture’s changing role as regards the social changes of the past few decades. At the Benaki Museum’s Pireos St annex (138 Pireos & Andronikou, tel 210.345.3111) through November 1.