The Beyonce experience live

Back in the days when she organized dance shows with her friends in the family living room, her father acted as her manager. Now in her 20s – and with the whole world at her (fabulous) feet – she still seeks her dad’s daily advice. As part of her European tour, Beyonce Knowles is scheduled to appear at the OAKA Basketball Arena on Sunday, November 8. The queen of R&B is finally coming to Greece, accompanied by all her flashy accessories, not to mention her desire to get every single person in attendance at the stadium on their feet. Besides, she comes as Sasha Fierce, her glamorous new alter ego, which is supposed to represent the kind of euphoria that defines this particular period of her life. Rising to fame via MTV, Beyonce became the lead singer of Destiny’s Child: While a substantial number of young and talented singers became members of the group at one point or another, the final trio comprised Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. And they made it big. Not only thanks to the young women’s hot looks, but also because of their vocal talents: The three have sold some 50 albums worldwide. Eventually the band split up, with every member taking a different route. It was then Beyonce’s turn to make it big all on her own, by building a solo career that has resulted in plenty of fame and financial gains, as well as nothing but «Irreplaceable» tunes for her fans.