‘Giselle’ stands the test of time

«Giselle,» the romantic ballet masterpiece, opened at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall last night. An English National Ballet production in collaboration with the Thessaloniki State Orchestra, the ballet brings composer Adolphe Adam’s highly popular work back to life. After 168 years, Marius Petipa’s choreography (a revision of the work’s original by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot) maintains its charm, telling the story of a young village woman, who, after going mad with love, returns from the dead to protect her beloved. In Thessaloniki, the orchestra is conducted by Gavin Sutherland with sets and costumes by David Walker. «Good ballet stands the test of time. ‘Giselle’ might be ‘old-fashioned’ yet continues to be one of the most popular works, one that demands huge technical skill on the part of the dancers,» noted Wayne Eagling, the company’s artistic director, at a press conference earlier this week. The Thessaloniki State Orchestra’s high standards were noted by Sutherland. «In the space of three rehearsals, the musicians understood the kind of discipline required for the coordination between dancers and orchestra.» Performances of «Giselle» continue tonight, tomorrow and Saturday. Thessaloniki Concert Hall, tel 2310.895800,