A digital adventure and exhibition bring space nearer to the earthbound at the Eugenides Foundation Planetarium

The Eugenides Foundation’s new digital planetarium will present the digital performance «The Great Adventure» and an exhibition on the «Vastness of the Sky» on Monday, November 2. «The Great Adventure,» which will be introduced by Stratos Theodosiou, an assistant professor of astrophysics, is the second part of a trilogy created by the Eugenides Foundation Planetarium that covers man’s activities in space in the past, present and future. A short yet concise narration will acquaint the audience with the activities of space shuttles over the past 30 years, the education that astronauts receive and their survival techniques when in space, the appearance and subsequent development of space stations and the contribution of the Sputnik satellites to the improvement of life on Earth. This is also a great opportunity to learn about the discoveries made by orbital observatories and to hear firsthand some of the adventures of those who have traveled to our solar system’s planets and satellites. The day will start off with a guided tour of the exhibition «The Vastness of the Sky: Astronomical Maps and Calendars,» curated by Antonis Aspromourgos. The exhibits, 15 paintings and a sculpture, are visual reproductions of existing historical finds having to do with space, dating from the Neolithic era up to the 13th century AD. The events are part of the celebrations for the International Year of Astronomy. Admission is by invitation only, available on tel 210.946.9600.