The authors

«Changes in the Land and Sea Perimeter of Mount Athos,» published by the National Map Library, was a collective effort, to which a number of leading specialists in the field have contributed. Professor Evangelos Livieratos of Thessaloniki University, who is the director of the National Map Library, edited the book, and also wrote several of the articles. Other contributors include cleric Iustianus Simonopetritis, National Research Institute historian Giorgos Tolias, map collector Savvas Demertzis, National Map Library collaborators Fotini Pappa, Maria Parzali, Nopi Plotoglou, Costas Papadopoulos, Elpida Daniil, Irini Tekou and Greater Hellenism Foundation geographer Giorgos Sidiropoulos. The National Research Institute launched the book in mid-June.