Politics via the lens at Kappatos Gallery

The one-man show by British artist Phil Collins, which begins Wednesday at the Kappatos Gallery in Athens, is bound to be an unusual exhibition. There will be be three videos that together explore cultural and political differences across the world, as well as the artists of photographic portraits («Becoming More Like Us» is the title), that document social changes in Serbia. The works are the outcome of the artist’s experiences in Iraq, Yugoslavia and the United States, where he has lived during the past three years. The idea is to offer a political viewpoint through the everyday lives of ordinary people. The exhibition also includes a sale of photos, digital prints, photocopies and posters, all made by the artist and some priced at under one euro. At the opening night, visitors can also obtain a photographic portrait of themselves. The condition is that they visit the gallery today and get themselves photographed by Collins free of charge. For appointments, Kappatos Gallery (tel 010.321.7931).