A tale of love opens season for refurbished Acadimos Theater

Completely renovated, the Acadimos Theater opens its refurbished doors tomorrow. Presently the only theater in Greece with wheelchair access, the theater’s premiere play is «The Shop Around the Corner,» directed by Stefanos Kotsikos. It was actor Spyros Papadopoulos’s idea to renovate the theater, and to stage this particular play, in which he takes one of the leading roles. «We were looking for actors with a certain ‘innocence,’» said Papadopoulos at a press conference, adding that he was tired of the world of television. He also referred to the play’s fairy tale qualities and how much audiences need these kinds of stories nowadays. «The Shop Around the Corner» was originally written by Hungarian author Miklos Laszlo in 1937, under the title «Parfumerie.» In 1940, it was turned into a film, directed by Ernst Lubitsch and starring James Stewart, while in 1998 it was given a high-tech spin in Nora Ephron’s «You’ve Got Mail,» featuring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. In Paris, a revised version of the original play, which includes elements of the Lubitsch film is in its second, highly successful year onstage. In the Acadimos production, set design is by Christina Kostea with music by Stefanos Korkolis. Co-starring alongside Papadopoulos are Dina Michailidi and Spyros Stavrinidis.