Midair ballet is set to fly

Taking their cue from last winter’s series of 24 sold-out performances by Canada’s Cirque Eloize – one of many spectacular new-school musical circus acts successfully touring the world these days – the event’s organizers have booked a similar-minded team of artists, France’s Les Arts Sauts for 10 shows beginning November 1. The other nine performances are scheduled for November 2-4, 6, 8-11, and 13, all at the Military Park in Goudi, next to the Equestrian Center (Katehaki St & Mesogeion Ave), where the troupe’s specially designed tent will be pitched. «Kayassine,» the show to be presented, features a cast of 18 acrobats, who, accompanied by musicians, have essentially created a midair choreography. This high-flying performance, whose repertoire is described as one that stretches the skills of trapeze artists to extraordinary limits, showcases both individuality and collective skill. As part of their «Kayassine» production, members of the troupe perform aerial sequences alone, as couples, and in intricately coordinated groups. All the action takes place inside a hefty 21-meter-tall tent with a capacity for 800 persons, complete with reclined seats for maximum observance by members of the audience. Tickets cost 35 euros on weekdays and 45 euros on weekends. For further information call 010.921.3310.