Poetry live and diverse literary entertainments

The «renaissance one» group brings poetry to the heart of youth culture this week with their production of «Modern Love.» In this British Council-sponsored event, poets Roger Robinson, Jacob Sam La-Rose, writer Sophie Wooley and DJ A-Cyde mix literature, music and live arts in a lively commentary on love and modern relationships. Nov. 3: Victoria Theater, 5 Magnisias & 119 3rd Septemvriou St at 10 p.m.; Nov. 4: Aeriko, 6 Agatharchou St at 10 p.m. Mary Haroyianni tel 010.3692.318. Translation Professor Dimitris Maronitis, who has just completed his translation of «The Odyssey» and Sophocles’ «Oedipus at Colonos» will answer questions from critic and translator Aris Berlis and engage in a discussion of translation theory and strategies. Organized by the European Translation Center (EKEMEL) on Nov. 5 at the Theater Hytirio at 8.30 p.m. Information from EKEMEL, tel 010.363.9520,or at October’s Ithaca In Ithaca’s feature article this month, Socrates Kabouropoulos of the National Book Center (EKEBI) analyzes crucial statistics about the Greek book market. Christos Asteriou reports on the first year in operation of the European Translation Center; Vangelis Hadzivassileiou addresses the issue of funds for translation; and Nikos Vatopoulos comments on the expanding demand for works translated into Greek. Katerina Schina continues her series of profiles with a presentation of writer M. Karagatsis ( the pen name of Dimitris Rodopoulos) and his work. Elias Maglinis interviews poet Michalis Ganas about his inspirations and influences, and Thanassis Valtinos introduces the reader to Cold War Berlin. Book reviews cover recent novels, short stories, poetry, sociology and cookbooks.