Jason and the Golden Fleece | Athens | December-January


The Badminton Theater presents “Jason and the Golden Fleece,” a new production for young and old. The play follows Jason and his comrades, the Argonauts, as they sail from Iolcus to retrieve the Golden Fleece. The cast is led by Yannis Stankoglou as Jason and vocalist Savina Yannatou as Medea. The play is directed by choreographer Sofia Spyratou. The text and lyrics are by Paraskevas Karasoulos, while the production’s original score is by Nikos Kypourgos. Tickets range from 9 to 18 euros. There will no performances from December 12 to 27. Shows resume on December 28-29, followed by additional performances in January.

Badminton Theater, Goudi (entrance from Mesogeion Avenue), tel 13855, 210.884.0600, www.badmintontheater.gr