Dexter Gordon Tribute | Athens | To October 24


The Half Note Jazz Club in Athens is hosting saxophone soloist Craig Handy and pianist Kirk Lightsey and their band in a series of tribute performances to tenor sax legend Dexter Gordon. Performances run through Monday, October 24. Shows start at 10.30 p.m on Saturday, October 22, and at 9.30 p.m. on Sunday, October 23, and Monday, October 24. Admission ranges from 20 to 30 euros. Tickets are on sale at Public, Seven Spots, Reload Stores, Media Markt and Evripidis as well as online at www.viva.gr and by calling 11876.

Half Note Jazz Club, 17 Trivonianou, Mets, tel 210.921.3310, www.halfnote.gr