Deeper Reflections | Athens | January 11


To Treno Sto Rouf Theater in Athens is hosting the Constantine Cheimarios Quartet in an evening of modern jazz sprinkled with ethnic influences on Wednesday, January 11. The ensemble comprises Yiannis Kassetas (tenor and soprano saxphone), Stathis Paraskevopoulos (contrabass), Christos Tzerpos (percussion) and Constantine Cheimarios (guitar-compositions). Admission is set at 10 euros, while the gig is set to start at 9 p.m. For more information, call 210.529.8922 or 6937.604.988. For online reservations, visit www.viva.gr.

To Treno sto Rouf, Rouf Railway Station, Constantinoupoleos St, tel 210.529.8933, www.totrenostorouf.gr