We Think in Squares / We Love in Triangles | Athens | March 31 – April 30


In the 1930-70 period modernist architecture flourished in Athens, thanks largely to Greek architects who had studied abroad. Many fine examples of the style are located in the neighborhood of Kypseli, which in the 1980s saw an influx of people from all over the world, especially West Africa, and today it is home to one of the largest West African communities in the city. Swiss artist Noemi Niederhauser, based in Lausanne and Athens, noticed the strong visual similarities between the patterns adorning the modernist buildings of Kypseli and the patterns created by the weaving of hair in African hairdresser salons in the area. Her project “We Think in Squares / We Love in Triangles” at the A-Dash project space is a performance art installation featuring hairdressers Blessing Erevbenagie and Catherine Igboeli, which invites the public to observe these similarities and aims to launch a dialogue and discussion between communities through the intersection of visual references. It will be open to visitors this weekend and every weekend until April 30 (except for Easter). 

A-Dash Project Space, 74 Asclepiou, tel 2114.070.585, http://a-dash.space/