George Dalaras & Estudiantina | Athens | January 15 & 16


Greek singer George Dalaras joins forces with Estudiantina, a Volos-based ensemble that has been studying and performing the sounds of the Mediterranean for the past 20 years, for two shows at the Iera Odos venue. As his special guest, Dalaras has invited Italian singer and composer Eddy Napoli, as well as local vocalists Thodoris Kontonias and Ria Ellinidou, to join him on stage. They will also be accompanied by the Fones choir. Doors open at 9 p.m. and ticket prices start from 10 euros. Tickets can be purchased at www.viva.gr and by calling 11876.

Iera Odos, 18-20 Iera Odos, Gazi,
tel 210.342.8272