MayaBuff | Athens | Fridays-Sundays


Written for the first anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution by the Soviet poet, satirist and intellectual Vladimir Mayakovsky, “Mystery-Bouffe” parodied the structure of medieval mystery plays in an anti-realist work for the masses that was both both revolutionary and futuristic. Mayakovsky later stated that “in the future, all persons performing, presenting, reading or publishing ‘Mystery-Bouffe’ should change the content, making it contemporary, immediate, up-to-the-minute.” The Greek National Theater has invited acclaimed budding director Yiannis Mantafounis to present his take on this play, “MayaBuff: A Mayakovsky Delirium,” which is on stage at the Rex Theater with English surtitles Fridays to Sundays through May 27. Admission costs 13 euros.

Rex Theater, 48 Panepistimiou, Omonia, tel 210.330.1881