Silencing Hate Speech | Athens | November 5


The Hellenic American Union will be hosting a panel discussion in English on hate speech on Monday, November 5, as part of the international Battle of Ideas forum and organized in cooperation with the Academy of Ideas and Hellenic American College. At this debate, Stelios Virvidakis (professor of philosophy, University of Athens), Sophia Katsochi (instructor, Hellenic American College), Sotiris Sideris (journalist, coordinator of the Young Journalists project of the Network for Children’s Rights) and Ella Whelan (journalist, TV and radio commentator, author) will address questions like: Is there a direct correlation between people spurting hateful words and others carrying out violent actions? Are egregious ideologies likely to influence the thoughts and actions of society for the worse? (and) Will the principle of allowing speech to be made freely – no matter how hateful – help society develop for the better? Geoff Kidder, director of membership and events at the Academy of Ideas, will be the moderator. The event starts at 7.30 p.m. and admission is free of charge.

Hellenic American Union, 22 Massalias, tel 210.368.0052, www.hau.gr