Greek Media, Information & News Literacy Week | Thessaloniki/Athens | November 19-26


Amid the rise of fake news and cyber-propaganda, the 2nd Greek Media, Information and News Literacy Week is aimed at promoting the critical role of media literacy education. Organized by nonprofit organization the Media Literacy Institute and Journalists About Journalism, the event will take place in collaboration with the Peace Journalism Lab at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki’s Department of Journalism and Mass Media from November 19-26. Meanwhile, six workshops in Athens (Serafeion Cultural Center, November 19-20) and panel and round-table discussions in Thessaloniki (November 22-23) will give citizens an opportunity to learn how to spot and identify fake news and what they can do when confronted with it across news websites and social media. For further information, visit medialiteracyinstitute.gr.