13,700,000 km3 | Samos | August 4 – September 30


Located in the Mediterranean Sea, the island of Samos has been a major site of refugee politics over the past several years. Consequently, this year’s Art Space Pythagorion (ASP) Summer Exhibition explores human rights in relation to the ecosystem. Titled “13,700,000 km3,” which is the cubic volume of the Mediterranean Sea, the exhibition showcases works that focus on humans’ interactions with the sea and the environment by 10 artists and collectives. Exhibition curator Katerina Gregos is an Athens-born and Brussels-based art historian who has curated numerous international projects. The main opening of the ASP exhibition will take place on August 3 and the exhibition will remain open until September 30. For more information, visit www.schwarzfoundation.com.

Art Space Pythagorion, Pythagorio