All-Day Tango | Athens | January 25


Tango Acropolis, a nonprofit organization promoting the dance style in Athens, is set to host its second nine-hour tango class marathon at the Serafeio Athletic & Community Complex next to the PAO Rouf soccer stadium in downtown Athens on Saturday, January 25. The day will be split into 45-minute sessions, each dedicated to one aspect of the dance and finishing with a three-hour practice of what was taught. The program is aimed at all levels and willing participants can subscribe alone or as a couple with someone else. Classes begin at 1 p.m. and the tango marathon will finish at 10 p.m. The participation fee is 5 euros. For more information and bookings, visit www.viva.gr.

Serafeio Athletic & Community Complex, 160 Pireos, Rouf, tel 210.342.6842