Thrax Punks | Athens | February 13


Thracian band Thrax Punks, known for their unique blend of psycho-punk and traditional Thracian music, will be at the Kyttaro Club in downtown Athens on Thursday, February 13. Comprising George Stavridis on davul, Thracian lyre and vocals, Vaitsis Charakopidis on gaida, kaval, zurna and vocals and Panos Gkinis on electric guitars, Thrax Punks put out their self-titled first album at the end of last year following 2016’s EP “Punkopanhgyropsychedeleia.” The concert will include an appearance by Thessaloniki-based band MAtE. The start time is 9 p.m. Ticket prices range from 7 to 9 euros. For tickets, visit www.viva.gr.

Kyttaro Club, Acharnon & Ipeirou,
tel 210.822.4134