PPC marks Earth Day by supplying households exclusively with renewable energy


Public Power Corporation (PPC), Greece’s main electricity utility, marked Earth Day on Thursday by supplying electricity to 4.5 million households for 24 hours exclusively from renewable energy sources (RES). The energy consumed on Thursday, estimated at approximately 35 gigawatt-hours, was completely covered by RES, PPC said in a press release.

“All together we will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 8,000 tons in one day, and this is just the beginning,” the company said. “We are giving a breath to Earth with an action that has a substantial environmental impact,” George Stassis, the state-owned company’s chairman and CEO, said.

“Through its transformation and the new strategic plan, PPC is laying the foundations for a safe and sustainable energy transition. We are reducing the amount of our carbon dioxide emissions by 75% by 2024,” he was quoted as saying.

The company said that in the period 2018-20, energy production from lignite-powered units decreased by 61.9%, while carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 47.6%.

In 2019, the company planted more than 100,000 trees at mines, it said, noting that it aims to increase the share of RES in the energy mix to 20% by 2023. [Xinhua]