Lufthansa seeing surging demand for flights to Greek and Balearic islands, Italy


Demand for German flights to the Greek and Balearic islands and to Italy has tripled in the last few days, Lufthansa airlines said on Tuesday, including data from its subsidiary Eurowings.

The surge in all reservations, including the United States, is attributed to Covid-19 vaccinations and the German government’s decision to withdraw the obligatory self-isolation once its residents return from abroad.

Member of Lufthansa’s Executive Board Harry Hohmeister said that demand for US cities has risen by 300 pct as well, particularly for cities like Miami, New York and Los Angeles, reflecting a longing for holidays, cultural exchanges, and reconnecting with relatives, friends and colleagues. 

In Europe, the airline expects to supplement its existing itineraries from German airports to Greece, Majorca and Ibiza with over 500 flights.

In Greece, for example, the airline will add direct flights to 12 tourist destinations in Greece, while demand for some Spanish destinations is as high as that of 2019. Interest is also growing, Hohmeister noted, for farther destinations like the Maldives, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.