Breweries weather pandemic


Greek breweries managed to weather the closing of the catering sector for a large part of 2020 and increase production, according to Eurostat data released Thursday on the occasion of the World Beer Day, which is celebrated Friday.

Beer production in Greece rose 3.44% in 2020, to 411.38 million hectoliters, compared to 397.69 million in 2019, but lower than the almost 449 million hectoliters produced in 2018. The 2020 figure places Greece in 15th position among EU member-countries. Overall, in the EU, beer production decreased 8% in 2020.

Greece also managed to increase its beer exports, to 62.35 million hectoliters from 46.94 million in 2019, and decrease its imports, to 25.75 million hectoliters, from 33.80 million in 2019. By comparison, the EU’s two largest exporters, the Netherlands and Belgium, exported 1.9 and 1.7 billion hectoliters in 2020.