Rise in Greek exports outpaced by imports


Greek exports rose at a double-digit pace both in June and the first half of the year, overall, following a rather good 2020 despite it being the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, data released by the independent statistics authority ELSTAT on Friday show.

All main sectors achieved double-digit growth.

The total value of Greek exports in June 2021 was €3.38 billion, or 31.5% higher than in June 2020.

For the first half of the year, the value of exports was €18.59 billion, or €1.8 billion higher than the same period in 2020.

Imports, however, rose at an even faster pace, due to the steep rise in the prices of raw materials and oil, as well as transport costs: June 2021 imports were €5.36 billion, or 33.7% higher than in June 2020.

First-half imports were €28.85 billion, up 21.5% from the first half of 2020.