Bottled water exports to China boom


Sales of Greek bottled water to China rose 1,255% in 2020, data collected by the country’s General Consulate in Shanghai show.

Admittedly, Greece starts from a low base and is at a relative disadvantage against giant bottlers, including Coca-Cola and Nestle, along with domestic brands. Also Greek exports had grown significantly, to a 2014 peak of 2.5 million liters, amounting to €504,000, before collapsing 67.84% over the following five years. Nonetheless, the 2020 rebound appears encouraging.

China has huge potential for the bottled water market. Its own tap water is not potable and it has only 6.5% of the global water reserves. Bottled water now has a greater market share (29% of the total non-alcoholic drinks market) than tea and coffee combined (23%).

The Greek companies present in the Chinese market are Nera Kritis, Souroti, Theoni and Zaros. The latter earned an excellence award in 2019.