Tourism revenues rise to 1.1 bln euros in first half of 2021, says BoG


The balance of travel services posted a surplus of 689 million euros in June this year and a surplus of 826 million euros in the period between January and June, the Bank of Greece (BoG) said in a report on Monday.

BoG said that travel receipts rose by 851.8% to 791 million euros in June 2021, from 83 million euros in June 2020. The rise in travel receipts is attributed to a 317.1% increase in inbound traveler flows, as well as to a rise of 124.8% in average expenditure per trip. 

In January-June 2021, the balance of travel services showed a surplus of 826 million euros, up from a surplus of 256 million euros in the corresponding period of 2020. 

Travel receipts rose by 374 million euros or 51.0% to 1,108 million euros, whereas travel payments decreased by 196 million euros or 41.0% to 282 million euros. 

The rise in travel receipts reflected an 88.0% increase in average expenditure per trip, as inbound traveler flows decreased by 20.4%. [ANA-MPA]