Commerce and Industry Chamber chief hails new Covid-19 measures


The president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EVEA), Vassilis Korkidis, hailed the measures announced on Tuesday that require unvaccinated individuals to test themselves at their own expense, noting that the economy cannot afford yet another lockdown.

“The measures announced place the unvaccinated in an ongoing process of monitoring, at their own expense, making their everyday lives more difficult and limiting their ability to visit public and private spaces. However, the measures protect and help the majority, including the 5.6 million fully vaccinated citizens. Let us not risk our health and the lives of those around us anymore, since we can stop the spread [of the disease] with vaccination,” Korkidis said in a statement.

“The country’s economy and businesses are still in the pandemic’s sights. An economy whose resilience was tested by the successive lockdown, as were businesses in general, which, unfortunately, did not come out of this unscathed. Under the current conditions, the economy cannot survive new lockdowns,” he said.