New deadline for Taxisnet is September 15


The Finance Ministry has decided to extend the deadline for the submission of this year’s tax declarations from this Thursday to next Wednesday, following strong pressure from accountants and tax experts.

Individual taxpayers and corporations may now upload their statements for their 2020 incomes by September 15, but they still have to pay the first two tranches (out of eight) by next Friday, September 17.

The decision for the new postponement of the online platform’s closing date appears to be the result of a meeting between the Economic Chamber of Greece (OEE) and Minister Christos Staikouras. According to an OEE statement, the Taxisnet system, “as officially admitted, only became operative for the submission of statements on July 7, as this was when the competent entities completed the uploading of the necessary data of taxpayers. That means taxpayers and accountants-tax experts had less than two months to submit 6.5 million statements – i.e. in July and August, when most taxpayers take their summer leave.”

Independent Authority for Public Revenue data showed that by yesterday, 5,936,135 declarations had been uploaded, with just over half-a-million declarations pending.