Innovation key to investment


“I am convinced innovation is the key to new investments, progress and greater competitiveness. This applies to both Germany and Greece,” German Ambassador Ernst Reichel said on Wednesday at the 2nd Innovation Forum 2021, titled “Innovation Leads Developments,” organized by the Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the German Embassy.

“The driving force of startups is particularly important for Greece’s economic recovery. These companies effectively combine research and development with the creation of prospects for products that can be provided to the market. This is how continuous and sustainable development occurs. This creates well-paid jobs here in Greece. This is something that the young men and women in Greece, many of whom found success abroad in the years of the economic and social crisis, rightly expect. Also, I am convinced that Greece and Germany are destined to work together in the field of innovation. They have so much to offer each other,” he underlined.

“Growth driven by innovation is the best guarantee that in Germany, in Greece, and in Europe as a whole, we will be able to maintain or even further develop our prosperity,” Reichel added.