Green transition funds for Western Macedonia


The government is “absolutely committed” to a just green transition from lignite use in West Macedonia, while he is personally, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Friday after a four-hour meeting with representatives of local government, scientists and unions in Kozani.

The project is expected to use 7 billion euros in private and public funds, he said, adding that there is adequate funding but the political will must also exist at all levels, including at the general public level.

Despite reservations expressed during the meeting on the speed of the transition to a post-lignite era, Mitsotakis added, “this is not simply the right choice, it’s the only choice,” one which his government took in 2019, ahead of other countries.

Public Power Corporation, which has major lignite-fueled power plants in West Macedonia, will continue to have a strong presence in the area, but under a different role, while it will not lose its public utility nature.