Staikouras: ECB pledge is a vote of confidence in Greece


The decision taken by the European Central Bank on Greece is a strong message of confidence and a signal of acknowledging the progress made by the country, Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said on Friday, commenting on Thursday’s ECB decision on Greek bonds.

He added that the decision and the comments made by ECB chief Christine Lagarde added to the chain of recent reports by partners, institutions and credit rating companies, which all certified that the country was moving in the right direction and that its economic policy and the sacrifices of its citizens were bearing fruit.

Staikouras stressed, however, that the government and its economic team know they have no room for complacency, and will continue implementing reforms according to a prudent fiscal policy.

The minister noted that the government and the ministry are working with a plan, and with determination and confidence, to further strengthen the country and to obtain investment grade as soon as possible.