ATHEX: Bourse jumps at prospect of peace

ATHEX: Bourse jumps at prospect of peace

Optimism grew considerably among global traders on Tuesday thanks to the increasing chances of a rapprochement between Russia and Ukraine, with stocks soaring across most of Europe. Athinon Avenue was no exception, enjoying a major rise for its benchmark that added 28 points in one session that also had a turnover close to the 100 million-euro mark. The Ukrainian cities and battlefields will show whether this can be sustained.

The Athens Exchange (ATHEX) general index closed at 889.97 points, adding 3.25% to Monday’s 861.98 points. The large-cap FTSE-25 index expanded 3.59%, ending at 2,161.86 points.

The banks index soared 5.03%, as Eurobank grew 5.45%, Alpha fetched 5.22%, National collected 4.95% and Piraeus advanced 3.65%. PPC earned 6.44%, Motor Oil grabbed 5.11%, Coca-Cola HBC jumped 4.49% and OTE telecom improved 4.39%.

In total 85 stocks reported gains, 14 sustained losses and 19 remained unchanged.

Turnover amounted to €98.1 million, up from Monday’s €87 million.

On the contrary, in Nicosia the general index of the Cyprus Stock Exchange decreased 1.01% to close at 66.76 points.