ETA will concentrate on developing hot springs as tourist destinations

Mineral water hot springs managed by ETA, the asset management arm of the Greek National Tourism Organisation, are to be upgraded and revamped beginning this month. ETA’s objective is to create a contemporary center to meet present-day demands and also be in line with trends in the international tourism industry. The proposed centers are expected to offer preventive and remedial therapy based on the mineral waters, and which will be monitored by doctors. They will also seek to offer treatments aimed at improving patients’ health and well-being and combating stress. The centers could also act as health and beauty farms or health resorts, day spas and even life resorts. Greece has numerous hot springs. To date, it has not exploited this comparative advantage, unlike other countries such as France, Germany and Italy, which have developed this form of tourism. ETA’s program has listed five hot springs to be upgraded. These are the hot springs at Loutraki, at Methana, at Kaiafas near Ancient Olympia, at Platystomo, west of Lamia, and on the island of Kythnos. Four other hot springs around the country will be upgraded in a second phase.