Canadians take their time in Greece

Canadians, Germans and Cypriots spend the longest vacations in Greece out of all the foreign tourists who visit this country, according to 2012 data from the Bank of Greece processed and published by the Hellenic Association of Tourism Enterprises (SETE).

Against an average vacation of 9.1 days in Greece for international tourists, Canadians spent 14.8 days, Germans 12.8 days and Cypriots 12.7 days.

Germans spent the most money on an annual basis (1.65 billion euros) last year in total, although the highest spending per trip (1,327 euros) and per night’s stay (125 euros) was by Australians.

Germany accounted for one in every six foreign arrivals in Greece (16.5 percent), followed by the UK (14.2 percent) and Russia (9.4 percent).

SETE data showed that tourism’s contribution to the country’s gross domestic product reached 16.4 percent and to employment 18.3 percent (688,800 employees). Arrivals from abroad fell 5.5 percent from 2011 to 15.5 million.