Taxi fares and dinner costs rise in Athens

While staying at Athens hotels has become cheaper than last year, food and taxis have actually become more expensive, according to a global survey across 49 cities conducted by the Tripadvisor website.

Athens this year ranks 13th among the cheapest city destinations based on the price of one night’s stay in a twin room in a four-star hotel, a two-course dinner for two people with a bottle of wine, two taxi trips and two cocktails at a five-star hotel bar.

The Greek capital climbed one spot on the chart though it appears in the survey to be more expensive than last year by five euros. The above package is priced at an average of 184.3 euros: Tourists will this year pay 8.80 euros less for their hotel accommodation, at 92 euros and 3.30 euros less for the cocktails, at a total of 26.80 euros. Their taxi trips will set them back by an additional 6.70 euros, totaling 12.90 euros, while dinner will cost them 10.70 euros more, at an average of 52.60 euros.

In terms of accommodation costs Athens ranks the eighth cheapest, in dinner costs and taxi fares it ranks 22nd and in cocktail prices it is 34th among 49 destinations.