Hotel breakfast brings revenues

Revenues from the breakfast market in Greek hotels last year amounted to 368 million euros, according to data from a survey by the University of Patra cited by the head of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels Giorgos Tsakiris on Monday in a speech during the presentation of the “Greek Breakfast” program.

The survey found that consumption in 2012 included 191 million eggs, 580,000 kilograms of fruit preserve, 2,800 tons of jam, 7.9 million kg of baked goods, 677,000 kg of butter, 5.42 million kg of pastries, 102,100 tons of fruit, 12,200 kg of cheese and 9,700 kg of cold cuts.

There are currently 117 hotels participating in the “Greek Breakfast” program, with dozens more queueing up to join once they receive the green light for inclusion into the program aimed at promoting domestic produce at the breakfast table.

The survey was conducted by the university’s Laboratory for Research and Satellite Accounts of Tourism.