Additional levies awaiting taxpayers

The Finance Ministry begins on Monday the mailing of payment orders to taxpayers, incorporating three extra levies provided by the midterm fiscal plan.

The payment orders include the settlement of the 2010 tax as well as the solidarity tax, amounting to 1 to 4 percent of taxable income levy, the profession levy, amounting to 300 euros for 800,000 self-employed and companies, and an extraordinary charge for luxurious items, such as cars of over 1,929 cubic meters, boats of more than six meters, swimming pools, helicopters etc.

Taxpayers who receive their orders by the end of August will need to pay the first installment by end-September. Payment will be in a maximum of six installments, at a minimum level of 300 euros each.

Taxpayers that pay the entire amount up front will only get a 5 percent discount.