Final warning for tax dodgers before name and shame

The Finance Ministry has sent written warnings to 150,000 individuals and businesses that it rates as the country?s worst tax offenders to pay their dues by November 24 or have their names published online.

The ministry plans to publish a list of tax offenders on its website after collecting the names and details of Greece?s biggest tax evaders.

According to a statement issued by the Finance Ministry in July, some 900,000 people owe 41.1 billion euros. However, most of this money is owed by a very small number of people: 5 percent of tax dodgers owe 85 percent of the outstanding amount. Just 14,700 individuals, companies or organizations owe 37 billion euros.

There are some 6,500 individuals and 8,200 businesses or organizations that owe the 37 billion euros. Each of these owes more than 150,000 euros but, according to the ministry, some are likely to be public sector organizations while others could be individuals who have died.