New form for property tax bill?

The government is mulling the idea of stopping the practice of charging Greeks with the newly imposed special property tax by tagging it onto electricity bills and allowing people to pay it in as many as 12 installments in 2012, according to the general secretary of the Finance Ministry.

Ilias Plaskovitis confirmed in a television interview yesterday that the tax will also be levied next year, but possibly not through the electricity bills.

The announcement came as taxpayers were still waiting for news on the ministry?s circular that will clarify which social groups are to be excluded from paying the property tax. That announcement is expected today.

Another problem the ministry is facing concerning application of the tax regards illegal homes, for which it does not possess the data needed for issuing property tax invoices. The possibility of asking electricity suppliers to pass on their records to the ministry may well cause similar confusion to that seen when the ETAK single property tax applied in previous years.