EU: Greece’s industrial CO2 emissions down 4.7 pct

Emissions from Greek factories and power stations in the European Union carbon market dropped 4.7 percent last year, according to preliminary EU data.

Carbon dioxide output was 57.1 million metric tons, compared with 59.9 million in 2010, according to data published yesterday on the website of the European Commission in Brussels.

For all EU nations, emissions were 2.5 percent lower.

That?s a faster decline than indicated by less-complete data published April 2, which showed a 2.4 percent drop.

The data cover about 93 percent of factories and power stations.

France?s emissions fell 13 percent to 80 million tons.

That?s a slower pace than the 19 percent indicated last week.

Allowances in the program, the world?s biggest greenhouse-gas market by traded volume, have dropped 5.2 percent since the April 2 release of the data.

The information is published annually.