Unemployment in Greece up to 21.7% in February

Unemployment rose to 21.7 percent in February, slightly higher than in January, according to figures published by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) on Thursday.

The unemployment rate in February 2012 was 21.7 percent compared to 15.2 percent in February 2010 and 21.3 percent in January 2012. The number of employed amounted to 3,872,243 persons.

?he number of unemployed amounted to 1,070,724 while the number of inactive to 3,358,785.

The number of employed decreased by 336,589 persons compared with February 2011 (an 8 percent decrease) and by 19,729 persons compared with January 2012 (a 0.5 percent decrease).

The number of unemployed increased by 318,435 people (a 42.3 percent rate of increase) compared with February 2011 and by 14,237 compared with January 2012 (a 1.3 percent rate of increase).

Unemployment was highest in the under-25 age group, where it reached 53.8 percent.