More woes for tourism sector

Political uncertainty in Athens seems to be compounding the effects of European consumers? economic worries on the Greek tourism industry. Besides the 50 percent drop in hotel bookings from abroad which followed the May 6 election, there are also worrying reports about agritourism bookings, as well as a small decline in demand for Greek cruises.

According to Guest Inn, the country?s largest agritourism network, the drop in demand is considered moderate to serious compared to past years. Operators say the year began well but things deteriorated later and they are resting their hopes on last-minute bookings. The decline seems to be affecting all areas of the country, although Crete seems to have been largely spared.

?The picture we have from our traditional markets is that all countries are going through a period of instability, independent of the Greek crisis, and the public is in a state of insecurity,? Guest Inn said in a statement.