ECB council member denies official talk of Greek euro exit

European Central Bank Governing Council member Andres Lipstok has denied that the ECB has held any formal talks on the possibility of Greece leaving the eurozone, although he admitted that unofficial discussions may have taken place.

?We never officially talked about an exit,? he told Bloomberg in an interview. ?Maybe there were some non-official talks of council members outside the council. We have to be very careful about what we say in order not to create any speculation, especially since we officially didn?t speak about the possibility of an exit.

?Different groups, the finance ministers for example, are speaking more openly about it and it?s understandable.?

Lipstok, who heads Estonia?s central bank, said he hopes the result of the June 17 elections will clear up doubt about Greece?s position in the eurozone.

?I?m quite sure that all so-called problematic states will find a solution. Greek elections are ahead but I?m quite sure Greece will find a way to be in the euro area. I hope they will remain a member. But there are no guarantees,? he said.

?It?s very difficult to say for how long the crisis will last but I hope that all countries that have programs understand their problems and implement their measures. Some countries have been more successful than others.?

?I hope that after the elections the new Greek government will really present some steps and fulfill the promises the previous government has made. They must implement.?