Finland’s Stubb says talk of euro breakup is ‘playing with fire’

Finland?s Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade, Alexander Stubb, has dismissed the suggestion that his country should be preparing for eurozone breakup.

Stubb?s colleague, Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja, indicated in an interview with the Daily Telegraph that his country is preparing for the possible breakup of the single currency.

“I don’t think we should be playing with fire here, suggesting the break up of the euro or detaching some members from the euro zone…I do not think that is very helpful for the overall debate,» Stubb told CNBC.

?Scenario number one for the Finnish government is that the euro will continue,? said Stubb. ?We?ll have a stronger euro, a more stable euro and we?ll find tighter rules for the future so that these types of crises never happen again.?

Stubb said that keeping the euro intact and not losing any members, including Greece, is paramount for the EU?s future.

?I fundamentally disagreement with the statements that the breakup of the euro would not necessarily mean the breakup of the EU,? he said.

?I get the feeling that people think that the euro is some kind of an extraterrestrial currency, whereby it has some kind of seventeen strange member states in it. No, it is our currency and the aim is to make it the currency of all EU countries, save those who have an opt out.?