Jobless youths to get ticket to labor market

The Labor Ministry is offering employment opportunities to 35,000 jobless people up to the age of 29 years with the launch of the National Action Plan for Youth.

As the ministry announced on Monday, the program will be split into three stages in which each participant will attend 80 hours of training, complete a five-month placement (i.e. 500 hours of work) at a private enterprise with a parallel supply of consulting and supporting services, and, after the end of the placement, be able to be hired in subsidized job slots with a full salary and social security for at least one year.

The aim of the program is not only to offer young unemployed people an introduction to the labor market, but also to provide them with immediate prospects for work in the sector of their training.

Applications for participants will be submitted electronically from April 15 to May 22. Every participant will get 400 euros during their training and between 2,000 and 2,300 in total for the five months of their placement at a company, depending on education level, the ministry announced.