New property tax via power bills from July

As of late July 2013, electricity bills issued by the Public Power Corporation (PPC) will include the new special property tax for this year, which will be 15 percent lower than the extraordinary levy paid in 2011 and 2012.

As the payment of the 2012 tax ends, property owners will effectively be asked to pay the 2013 tax in their next power bill. The 2013 tax is set to be smaller as there will be more owners paying this year.

PPC has issued a statement warning that any consumers who fail to pay the special property tax for 2012 through the electricity bill by its deadline date will have to refer to tax authorities for the settlement of their tax debts, as the company will be returning all data on unpaid taxes to the Finance Ministry.

Any consumers who have not settled their dues for this tax will not be able to get a payment plan for their debts to the tax authorities.