Vivartia to try its luck in the States again

Greek food and catering giant Vivartia is again eyeing the fulfillment of its «American dream,» as the group’s management is reportedly examining the creation of a consortium with a US company in order to expand its activities to the other side of the Atlantic, in the same way that it has in Abu Dhabi in cooperation with Exeed Industries.

At first, the consortium will promote Vivartia product exports to the US, with the prospect of some production activity being based in the States left to be examined at a later date.

The first time Vivartia tried to penetrate the US market was in 2008, when its then subsidiary, Chipita, had bought out Nonni’s Food Company, involved in the cookies and snacks market.

However, Chipita’s sale to Spyros Theodoropoulos and the Olayan Group meant Nonni’s ceased to form part of Vivartia.

The Greek food group has also started exporting to Libya, a market with significant growth prospects.