RGA files injunction against OPAP privatization

The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) is continuing with legal proceedings against the Greek government and its granting of the exclusive right for online betting in the country to OPAP.

On Friday the RGA submitted an injunction to the State Audit Council against the government’s decision to approve the privatization of 33 percent of the betting company.

In the 100-page suit, the RGA argues against the decision on 12 grounds, but chiefly that the State Audit Council approved the OPAP sale without waiting for a European Commission ruling on whether the ceding of the exclusive right for online betting constitutes state aid.

Officials at the government’s privatizations agency (TAIPED) take the view that the injunction is not likely to prevent the signing of the contract sale, citing recent legislation that deprives third parties of the right to file injunctions against positive decisions by the State Audit Council.

OPAP holds the exclusive rights to online betting in Greece to 2020.